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Growing Gracefully

Graceful Media is a young and enthusiastic company offering all round media services. Rooted firmly in Raipur, Graceful has been spreading its branches in other cities as well .

Accompanied with a sound creative team and the trust of many in the clientele. Graceful has taken leaps of courage and innovation to secure the foremost position in the Market and has become the most preferred agency in less than a decade's time

The Visionary Behind Graceful

Leaving behind the tradition of taking baby steps, Graceful has taken leaps and gone beyond boundaries, in the last decade, to top the charts of leading Advertising companies in Raipur.
While adding new and innovative aspects to the contemporary methods of advertising, Graceful is now also heading as the flag-bearer of premium advertising solutions across the nation.

The concept of providing ground –breaking level of advertising services through Graceful Media, is the brain-child of the Founder-MD- Mr V. Ranjan Purohit, who beholds degree in hand and creativity in head. He took theoretical knowledge through his studies and headed to acquire practical knowledge, as he served at Selvel Consultants Pvt.Ltd., a pioneer in the industry since 1945, where he got a metro-city experience and a corporate know-how as well.

This experience was added up by his local experience while serving in a renowned advertising agency located in Raipur. His knowledge, overall experiences, skills and courage were motivating enough for him to take a leap and commence his own business which he did sculpt in the form of Graceful Media (I) Pvt Ltd, dated- 11.11.11

From the very beginning, he has been very specific about being passionate towards what one does in life and this reflects in his work till date. Unlike the common scenario, one may still spot him going to client visits and handling marketing projects, as enthusiastically as fresh marketing official, which proves as a major motivation for the team, as well.
Hailing from a common yet very supportive family background, the founder effortlessly makes sure that his strategies, creativity, decision-making capabilities, leadership and a down-to-earth personality, along with an equally dedicates team, keep adding the Grace in Graceful Media.


We provide complete end to end 360 Degree Outdoor Media solution from Media till Advertising which will ultimately help
you in generating business and increase the brand value.


Also known as out - of - Home (OOH) Advertising, Outdoor advertising is any advertising done outdoors that publicizes your business's products and services.


Indoor advertising refers to advertising done on the interior of a place especially a building etc.

Electronic Media

There is a wide range of Electronic media that broadcast a variety of different things like advertisements and promotions. Different Electronic media types are • Television • Radio • Internet

Non Traditional Media

Contemporary mediums of advertising that rise and set with the changing trends and customer or audience preferences are called non Traditional Advertising like - Bus Branding, Auto Rickshaw Branding etc.

Generating New Ideas. We are here to help.

Our previous record will speak and make you understand our capablilty.



Unsure about your design requirement ? We are here to help. Get in touch with us and we will help
you from end to end in designing a powerful website for your business.

Center Unipole

• Centre Unipoles are strategically posotopmed billboards on locations and areas that have the higheat traffic flow thus insuring the achivement of expected mileage through OOH display.


A "Gantry billboard" means a billboard fixed to an overhead structure, usually with a leg (base) on each side of a road.


Pylons in advertising refer to the tower- like or pillar- like structures set up in the road-sides and/or dividers


Pole Kiosk are small and compact billboards on electric poles, back to back in a row on major city roads.

Traffic Signals | Traffic Booths | Wall Painting | Bus Shelters

Outdoor advertising through traffic booths are an extremely modern way of building brands by giving them maximum visibility.


We create stunning promotional and explanatory videos with digital voice and high resoultion images which includes both 2D and 3D Videos.


Statigically located high utility mediums, avakubake in varios sizes that suit clients requirement

Hoos Led

Our Process

We do only the work what we know to do and will not
take jobs which is out of scope.













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